Send NAS Micropayments

What is the NAS Tip Bot?

NAS Tip Bot is a Nebulas powered smart contract and service that allows users to easily send NAS micropayments over social media.

To be able to send tips on social media you will need to first register for a NAS Tip Bot account. You will then be able to invoke the bot by issuing the appropriate command in a post or comment on one of our integrated social networks.

NAS Tip Bot is currently live on Reddit, Telegram and Discord. In the future we will be opening this up to all of the major Social Networks.

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Security is our Number One Priority

Smart Contract Powered

The NAS Tip Bot is powered by Nebulas smart contracts. All deposits are securely stored on the blockchain and always remain in your full control. We will never ask for your private keys and can't access your deposits without your permission.

Authorization Controls

Security features have been incorporated into the smart contracts to ensure tips can only be sent with your permission. Time based permissions can be temporary granted to allow the bot to send tips on your behalf and can be revoked at anytime.

Automatic Withdrawals

If NAS Tip Bot accounts are inactive for over 60 days their deposited funds and tips are automatically withdrawn to your wallet addresses. This is an added security feature to ensure users do not forget about any funds in their accounts.

Current Roadmap

Suggest new features and Social Networks for us to implement on our subreddit.

TBD To be determined

Twitter support 2018.Q4

2018.Q3 Reddit expansion

2018.Q3 Discord support

Telegram support 2018.Q2

2018.Q1 NAS Tip Bot live with Reddit support

2018.Q1 NAS Tip Bot Founded